Suggestions For Adding Long Term Value To Your Property

We’re still in the midst of the COVID 19 lockdown, that means a lot of uncertainty in the housing market. However, because these blog posts are revisited, it’s a good chance to talk about ideas for long term projects to property that can add value, the additions that will always be useful if you have the time to make them (and we all have plenty o time right now) 

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Virtual Viewing Advice

As this blog is being written, we are all in the midst of the COVID 19 crisis. Before I begin the topic, I hope everyone reading this is safe and has a roof over their head. This pandemic means many things for many people, but for property (sales and rental especially) it means that there’s an increase in ‘virtual viewings’. Because of social distancing measures (to those reading this post Coronavirus, this is a 2 meter compulsory distancing from strangers to prevent the spread of the virus) virtual viewings of properties where no one actually goes anywhere apart from the person selling the property taking those viewing it on a tour, aided with the use of a camera to show the property. 

I advise property managers to stay abreast of the changes to mortgage holidays and other COVID 19 legislation, however this blog is featuring this style of house viewing because as experts we’re expecting this to become more common even after the virus has become no threat to society… 

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Tips For Ensuring HMO Profitability.

Profitability is important. Especially for HMO schemes, it’s important to maintain your ability to be making a profit from the properties you own.  This may mean enticing more people to live in the house, and/or improving the quality of the property itself and ensuring the tenants are happy staying. 

These suggestions featured below will either increase the amount of money you make from the house, or make sure you maintain a steady level of tenants (paying rent). Some of these suggestions may include additions that require funds, this money can be seen as an investment, but remember to monitor and recoup any money you spend on the property. 

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3 Reasons to choose investment in property.

There are loads of reasons to choose to invest in property. Property is a way to ensure you’re making a high quality, genuine investment. 

If you aren’t sure about an investment in property, then have a look at today’s blog post – it offers 3 pieces of advice, helping you to choose property over a different investment strategy that may not return the same investment or be the best way to get your returns. 

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5 mistakes that can cause stress for property developers

Today’s blog post is about the stress inducing mistakes that property developers can make. If you are a new investor, be very aware of these; and even if you are a seasoned investor, it can’t hurt to make sure you still know what not to do. 

We don’t often like to post anything negative or problematic for property developers, however, we know it can be very stressful to enter into property development, and we know these mistakes are much easier to avoid when we make you aware of them! 

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The top 5 home renovations or additions that do not require planning permission

What can be done to a property without planning permission? A great question, as home improvements can drastically raise your house price. What’s more, all the suggestions are things that would add quality to a home (whether a rental property, buy to let, or even to your own home). 

As a note, we’ll avoid anything that includes dangerous building works. We know some people may attempt these themselves and gas line into the house aren’t something to mess with, there could be significant damage and you really want to get someone with a certified engineering qualification. 

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Why is 2020 the year of the HMO?

Renting a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) has always been a great opportunity when it comes to the rental market. However, in the new year, there are new and exciting opportunities to diversify and look at other ways of income (and possibly of different ways of earning money from property).  What are the reasons to think about an investment into the world of HMO property rental? 

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Colder weather – Simple ways to guard against the cold.

It’s continuing to get colder and colder as we get further into the winter months. You may need to heat up some old homes without disrupting your tenants. There are ways several easy ways to go about helping heat a home (especially older ones, which definitely suffer during this time of year). 

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Colder weather – 6 easy tips for landlords.

As landlords it’s important to prepare for the colder seasons adequately, so here are some easy tips on how to prepare for cold weather. Remember: it’s much easier to prepare now than it is with a cold house (not forgetting that tenants that will be angry and cold!)   

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