5 ways to protect a property from flood damage

Flooding is a massive issue across the UK. Being an island nation, we are surrounded by water, and a large proportion of the UK is at some risk of flooding. As a landlord, renovator, or home owner, how can you reduce the risk of flooding damaging your property? 

In today’s blog post we are going to look at some direct strategies you can use to minimise the risk of that flooding can do to your property, nut also help make sure that you are safe from any dangers. 

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When to rewire your rental property

A house that has safe electrical wiring is crucial for rental properties, HMOs, and buy to let properties. However, it can be hard to know when you need a rewire for your property. Because rewiring are such large jobs, they definitely don’t need to be done often, but knowing when one is appropriate is very important for property managers. The right planning in these areas can also help avoid expensive call-outs.

These are some suggestions of signs that you need an electrical rewire for your property, with explanations of why these are issues to be concerned about. These are easy to spot when renovating a house, but may have to be reported to you by tenants for HMO properties – it’s very important that you don’t ignore these signs, as damage could be being done to your property without you knowing about it, and it may not be safe for tenants.

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Why to rent to students in 2021

Student rental might not seem a great idea at the start of 2021. We’re in the depths of another period of lockdown throughout the country and many, many students are living at home and participating in online learning. However, this market is not going away, and with COVID vaccines starting to be rolled out, the future looks bright for student renting. 

Here are some basics in terms of renting to a student market, starting with why it’s such a good idea to rent to students. 

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Property Predictions for 2021

2020 has been a very turbulent year for the property market. With the future of Brexit being decided affecting housing regulations, especially in regards to overseas buyers, and of course the COVID 19 pandemic. It’s been a difficult year for many people in the world and in the world of property development, sales, and HMO. However as we approach the new year it’s important to ask, what does 2021 hold for us all? We can offer some predictions and estimations when it comes to the property market. 

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3 helpful steps that landlords can take for rent protection against COVID 19

To say that the COVID 19 crisis is causing a lot of disruption across the world would be a complete understatement. As people, the concern for everyone out there suffering from the virus is immeasurable. As landlords, it’s also important that we are worried for the people that are renting property. However, for many landlords you need to ensure that any tenants are paying the rent that they can to ensure we can still pay the mortgage and ensure that properties are maintained. 

Rent holidays are important for tenants, but we (as landlords) can still try to ensure that the money needed to pay for any properties are still payed. Here’s some advice on how to chase up your rent property, carefully, and with the right attitude to ensure that you get your money and don’t cause unnecessary issues for yourself or your tenants. 

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5 mistakes that can cause stress for HMO property developers

In today’s post we are going to look at some of the stress inducing mistakes that property developers can make in regards to setting up a HMO property correctly. Housing of Multiple Occupation (HMO) is a great way of earning an income from a property, but it doesn’t come without risks and pitfalls that many can fall victim to, that’s why it crucial to get the right advice. 

We try to stay away from errors and negative comments, but your chances of making a financial future from property rests on you not falling victim to these mistakes. 

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How to Avoid Condensation

Condensation is a huge problem in UK homes. It can be a issue itself and it can cause a range of different large, more serious, issues in your home. The issues it can create include mould growth, black dots on the window frames (technically another form of mould), unpleasant smells, streaming windows, and a whole range of issues. Condensation can be a massive issue in older properties, but can also plague new builds and some homes that you may not expect it to be an issue in. 

Here are some great, easy, ways to avoid having it become an issue you have to fork out money to fix. 

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A Quick Guide of Possible Structural Issues for Your Property

Structural issues can blight a landlord, property developer, or anyone looking to buy a property. It’s a great idea to learn about what problems you can face, so if you are ever in a position where these are problems you will know exactly what to do. 

Here’s a list of some of the structural issues you may face – keep an eye out for signs of these when viewing a new property, or visiting a property you own. 

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What you need to have for ‘Move In Day’

When it comes to ‘move in day’ there are a lot of different variations. There are lots of different rituals and different practices that many people have for this day, it would make a lot of sense if everyone had a slightly different way of moving in their tenants. 

There are specific things you’ll need to do, legally, as a landlord in order to stay compliant and some actions to make you legally compliant. Here’s some of the most important legal aspects of ‘moving in day’. This is a fairly short blog, so make sure to get ALL these steps done! 

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How To Get Started As A Landlord

If you want to become a landlord but aren’t quite sure where to begin, this is the article for you. This will briefly cover the very basics for those looking to learn about being a landlord, so if you want to take the first step, make sure you are making a well informed decision. 

Property is a commodity. That means that there is a reliable and steady source of income, and it will always be in demand, however it’s not straightforward and not always easy. Just like any business or investment strategy, there are things to learn. 

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