How to make the most of the space in your property.

Making space in your property can be a difficult task, it’s one that can cause extensive stress and hassle for everyone regardless of the size of your current property. There are homeowners across the UK wishing they had more space – if you are one of those people, this blog piece can help you.  

Here is some advice on how to make the most of the space in your property. If you need more room, but don’t want to move property, these are what to think about. 

A Loft or Cellar conversion.

A conversion of space that is currently being unused is the obvious first choice for homeowners. Whether that is your loft of your cellar, having the space ‘converted’ can free up a great deal of space. 

Though expensive, the average price of a UK conversion can be between £19,000 and £30,000 – depending on the condition of the loft, it is a useful addition that you are sure to love. Having an extra room in your house can mean extra space, and the utility it adds to a property is not to be ignored. 

When converting a loft, ensure that you do not cut into your existing living space. In addition, remember to notify your insurer if you are using the space for a further bedroom for your property. Costs will vary, but a small conversion can set you back around £15,000; with a large one up to £40,000.


Garage into an office.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, finding space to work has been an issue for many. Finding useful working space can be as easy as putting some good carpet into your garage. 

Turning a garage space into an office can be a very useful way to free space in your property. Because work space is solely focused on practicality, even if you have bikes, old camping material, or any other belongings, the space will still be functional and practical.  

With this suggestion you can ensure that the space you have in your room is not used for anything other than personal items – nothing work related!


Add a conservatory.

The key to a successful conservatory is to ensure that it ‘flows’ from your existing rooms in your property. Some additions can definitely appear as if they are an after thought for your property – for maximum resale and utility, investment in a space that looks right is key for success. 

UK estate agent ‘Savills’ suggests a well built conservatory could add as much as 12 per cent to the value of your home in London, five per cent for the rest of the UK. It can provide you a greatly increased volume of practical living space (at the expense of your garden, though). As an investment you can expect to pay anything, from around £5,000 upwards to £15,000 and beyond.


Invest in extra space – depending on the property you own.

There are many additional measures you can take. Investing in a high quality summer house can be very useful for those with kids or small children, the alternative building to play or spend time in can free up more of your home. The average price of a UK summerhouse is around £8,000, but they can be significantly more expensive. 

For those with a single or double floored property, consider digging out the floor at the ground level. Adding a cellar space will be very useful. For those with no roof, consider adding space to the rear of a property. Whatever space you have at front, back, top, bottom, or inside should be used appropriately where possible. 


A thorough clean can help unlock the space you might not be utilising. 

Though this advice can sound dismissive, making sure that your property has been thoroughly cleaned can help ensure that you are getting the most from the space you have available. 


Finding and utilising the space in your property can be a difficult task, but to anyone with doubts; there are methods of making the most from your property. If you want to learn more about property, and learn some of the advice on how to construct the best rental portfolio, have a look at the Nick Fox books. 

Nick Fox started his property investment career 10 years ago and his portfolio has grown to one of the largest in the UK. Nick now mainly focuses on HMOs (houses in multiple occupation) and works to help others achieve property success too. Visit here to find out how he can help you.

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