Portsmouth HMO

Starting with no real property or business experience, I learned a huge amount from Nick’s 3 day HMO mentoring package. Having access to how MK Lettings operates and touring some of the many HMO’s owned by Nick was an invaluable experience that is impossible to gain elsewhere. Nick was always available with sound advice when buying, refurbishing and successfully letting out and managing all the rooms in my first HMO. His ongoing support since then has been invaluable as my business has grown and my needs have changed. I am now actively seeking out my next property with much more confidence than the first one – this confidence has been gained from the knowledge that Nick has taught me about investing in property and in making good business decisions. I thoroughly recommend Nick to anyone who is thinking about investing in HMO property.”

Andrew Potter

What was your current situation and why did you look for a mentor?

When I first met Nick my ultimate goal and aim was to quit my day job and become a full time property investor and landlord. I lacked experience and confidence so sought advise from a professional to guide me and that was how I was introduced to Nick.

What has changed since you met Nick?

Nick’s knowledge was invaluable and gave me a great grounding not only in HMO’s but also on how to run a successful property business.

What direct impact has this had on your business and what are the results you have seen?

Nick gave me the confidence to purchase my first property and I have been more confident in making my own decisions as my business has grown. The income from my property business today gives me the option of working part-time in my day job should I wish to do so. The next property I buy will allow me to quit my day job full time!

What have you gained from the experience and why would you recommend Nick to others?

Nick has such wide ranging experience in the industry and I value his opinion greatly. I am so grateful to have Nick in my corner, if there is something that I am uncertain of, or just to bounce an idea around.

If you are looking to invest in property I would always recommend Nick as the person to go to and get honest, reliable and factual information to help you on your journey.

Property Gallery

  • The original upstairs family bathroom was very large so part of it was partitioned off to make into an ensuite for Bedroom 6 that really enhances that room. A new bathroom suite was sourced for the remaining bathroom. It was a concern that the bathroom no longer had a window to help vent out condensation. Nick advised that once a suitable high flow mechanical extractor was fitted, there would be no issues with condensation. This has proved to be great advice once more.

  • The original lounge was split into two by a stud wall to create two new downstairs bedrooms – Bedroom 1 and 2. Nicks advice was to skim the ceiling to bring the rooms up to the fresh, modern standard that was the objective throughout the project. A new doorway for Bedroom 2 was created next to the consumer unit cupboard in the hallway – Nick advised on the best way to do that in accordance with the council regulations on room access. The original carpet in the lounge was still quite new so was kept to save on refurbishment costs.

  • Bedrooms 4 and 5 were originally one bedroom with a separate dressing room. A stud wall was put up to separate the rooms and create a corridor to gain access to Bedroom 5. Nick had a great idea for an ensuite in Bedroom 4 but upon consultation with the builders found it was going to be impossible to get the waste away so this idea had to be scrapped. Nick advised that the cupboard space that was originally in Bedroom 4 but now in the newly created corridor to bedroom 5, should be kept as communal storage space that is now used daily by the tenants.

  • An ensuite was created at one end of Bedroom 5. The sloping dormer ceiling in this room made the design for the ensuite tricky, but Nick very quickly thought of a way to fit it all in whilst taking up the minimum space in the bedroom. A small window was retained in the ensuite to reduce condensation to a minimum. The original carpet in this room was almost new so was retained to reduce refurbishment costs. This is now a really lovely, well appointed bedroom for a tenant.

  • Nick had an inspired thought to create an ensuite for this single bedroom with a re-jig of the large original bathroom. A design was very quickly mapped out to create a great little ensuite for this room. This has turned what was originally a fairly small single room into one of the nicest bedrooms in the property.

  • Downlighters were replaced with a central pendant light fitting and the ceiling was skimmed to give a quality finish that was the aim throughout the refurbishment. All that was required then was redecoration and suitably modern furnishings to provide a relaxing communal room for tenants to enjoy.

  • Nick advised on the best type of hard wearing carpet to fit throughout the hallway and the rest of the property. The cloakroom layout was re-jigged to provide enough space for a downstairs shower room – Nick advised that providing ample bathroom facilities will always make the property attractive to a new tenant.

  • The original kitchen did not need replacing and just needed a thorough clean and tidy saving on unnecessary refurbishment costs. A new oven and kitchen tap were installed. All rooms in the house had interlinked smoke detectors/heat detectors fitted, fire doors fitted where required, every room was redecorated, most rooms had new carpets fitted. Nick was available to advise on all health and safety aspects throughout the refurbishment.

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