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Why Having a Property Mentor Is a Great Idea!

Mentors are successful leaders in their area that are willing to invest in others who are looking to achieve success. A mentor is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight so it really is a good idea to invest in your own success by finding a mentor than can up-skill you and guide you from their own experience. There is no quick fix to achieving success in life, particularly so in the property letting world.  To make property investment work for you, you will need to put in hard work, time and effort but finding a mentor, or more than one, is certainly an essential step that can speed up your journey to success.The biggest threats to someone starting out in property investment are lack of knowledge and experience; knowing when and where to invest and what to pay. This type of knowledge can’t always be read in books or taught at university but it can be caught from the benefit of other’s experience and knowledge. Property is a high risk business as making the wrong investment can cost you dearly and even sometimes stop you in your tracks. Making the effort and sucking up the cost of being well mentored now will undoubtedly save you damaging mistakes in the future. Here are our top 5 reasons to have a property mentor.Experience OpportunitiesA good mentor will provide opportunity for you to experience areas of their business, perhaps looking at properties different to those in your own portfolio or attending conferences and events that you would otherwise not have had access to. You may be able to get work experience or chance to explore business opportunities and investments that you would not be able to consider alone.Networking ConnectionsAn excellent benefit of a property mentor is the links and connections you will inherit. Rather than starting cold you will be involved in meetings and conversations that let you meet other successful leaders in the property market world. Your mentor will have spent a long time building up positive relationships and connections and by linking yourself to them in this kind of relationship you stand to make significant connections that would have otherwise taken you years to build also.Future VisionA mentor will ask you the difficult questions, forcing you to concentrate on the future and lay out goals and steps toward achieving them. Without a mentor it is easy to work on the day to day and leave vision to one side, but in order to achieve it is important to have aims and a strategy on how to achieve them. A mentor will force you to enlarge your vision and consider your opportunities and investments from a different perspective.Personal ProgressA good mentor will push you in both your strengths and weaknesses. They will spot your talents and suggest ways and offer experiences that will develop those gifts but they will also point out your weaker areas. It is important to have an honest and open relationship with your mentor and allow them to speak freely into these areas so that you can make progress in your own skills and personal development.Listening Ear A property mentor is a listening ear, someone who understands the world you are working in and will give you the time to talk it out and the wise advice you need to progress onwards.Finally, the best mentors are those a few steps ahead of you rather than those miles ahead. One benefit of being mentored is that you are picking up the skills of a mentor and therefore you could also become a mentor to others that are a few steps behind you on the journey of property investment and letting.Here at Nick Fox Property Mentoring we offer a range of mentoring packages provided by Nick and the team. Check out what’s available and which package would best suit you and don’t delay, get a mentor today! Click here.

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