Why Choose Property Investment?

Any type of financial investment is a big decision.

Here’s some reasons why you should consider property investment…



No other asset class offers opportunity to leverage more than property. A property will almost always hold a certain level of value, so banks don’t mind lending you so much. While maximum Loan to Value rates may fluctuate, you can always leverage other people’s money to make a better return on your capital.


The ability to refinance a property means you can end up with an asset that has none of your capital tied up in it. If you buy a property at a good price and that sector of the market rises, you can remortgage your property and release the money that you originally invested. By reinvesting that money in another house or flat, you’re instantly expanding your portfolio and maximising your return at the same time.


With all other asset classes, you mainly profit from growth on your capital. Although there may be interest payments on other types of investment, Nick Fox haven’t found any other that offers the same income potential as property does.


Unlike most forms of investment, like stocks and bonds, you will find this type holds so much more control over your return. You choose the property, how you let it, the tenants you accept and the rent you charge – so whyever not! Careful control over income and expenditure always equals more profitability.


There is so much opportunity to make money from property it is just so exciting. Whether you’re wanting a long-term income or short-term gain, this kind of investing can always work for you. You can buy single or HMO units; renovate and resell or remortgage, it’s really up to you. Some make it a career, others as an aside, but it’s never really something to turn down.


Truth be told, property investment is a business but if you put the right systems in place to effectively source, acquire, and manage a portfolio, you can reap so much in so little of your own time. It’s an opportunity that will let you enjoy your life worry free and safe in the knowledge that you’re making money in spare time. We hope you enjoy investing!


Nick Fox started his property investment career 10 years ago and his portfolio has grown to one of the largest in the UK. Nick now mainly focuses on HMOs (houses in multiple occupation) and works to help others achieve property success too. Visit here to find out how he can help you.

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