The Importance of Quality Photographs When Letting Your Property

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and in the case of letting your property it is photographs that will capture prospective tenants and either put them off immediately or entice them to read the details on the property. If you have bad quality photographs or you don’t have any at all you can expect to struggle to get prospective interest in your property. The internet is most people’s first point of call when looking for a property and the pictures and price are the element of the advert that create a first impression so having both of those right ensures you get click through on your property.Bad PhotosBad photographs can be really off putting to prospective tenants, if they are blurry, badly lit or simply lack good composition then they fail to show off your property to its full potential. They also give the impression that you are not interested in your property or in who lets it. You know what the rooms in your property look like but imagine you have nothing to go by but the photographs and then see if they sell it to you. You need high quality images with good lighting and they should be taken from the best angle possible to enhance the size of the rooms and their features. Any clutter needs to be moved away and certain objects should be added to improve pictures such as a bunch of fresh flowers, a fruit bowl or a lit lamp.No PhotosA lack of photographs is equally off putting to prospective tenants. Ideally your listing online should have at least one photograph of every room that you are describing, plus pictures of the front and rear of the property. If you choose not to include one of the rooms this immediately leads viewers to question why, and what the problems with that room may be. Not only that but the quantity of photographs increases the click through rate online, statistically 50% of viewers click through when there are more than 5 images to view. Having said that, too many images of the same room from different angles can be boring and put online viewers off so what you need is a balance of great shots showing each room at its best. If certain rooms are particularly large or have features that can only be seen or highlighted from specific angles, then you could include 2/3 of that room.Order of PhotosThe order of the photographs in your online advert is also crucial. You want to take the prospective tenants on a journey through the home, so that they are already visualising themselves in the property. Opening with a picture of the bathroom for example then jumping to the garden then master bedroom will not help in that quest. You need to walk them through the main living area, the kitchen and other key downstairs spaces before going upstairs then out to the garden. The opening shot is generally the exterior of the property but if you have one room that really sells your place then put that as your profile shot. This helps your property to stand out from the other terraced houses on the market for example, which likely all have similar exteriors.Taking PhotosIf you are hiring someone to take pictures of your property for you then you can expect them to deliver high quality images that show of your house in the best light. Make sure you give instruction on the order of the images for your adverts and keep going until you are happy with their work. Professional photographs are not overly expensive so it is usually worthwhile if you want a quick let to hire someone to take the pictures. If you are going to take your own pictures, there are a few simple things you can do to really help. Firstly, switch on all the lights including lamps even in the daylight, secondly put your camera on a tripod and use a spirit level to ensure you have it at the best angle for the room. Set up the rooms to make them look homely and inviting but not cluttered and take pictures of the exterior first thing in the morning on a bright day, unless you are able to edit the background on software later. A professional photographer has editing programs that allow them to sharpen, soften and correct flaws in images so depending on your access to such software you may again want to consider hiring someone to take quality images of your property. All the best capturing spectacular images of your property and don’t forget to contact us at Nick Fox Property Mentoring for advice and help with your property business.

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