Property Maintenance Tips For Spring

Now that Spring has finally sprung, what do you need to do to get your investment property ready for the warmer weather?

Here are 5 things to check as the weather changes:

  1. Inspect the roof and guttering.

After the heavy rain, winds and snow that we had in the Winter, there may be some roof tiles damaged or missing, pieces of fixing that have been lost or indeed just a hole on the roof that will only get bigger if not dealt with.

It’s also a good idea to check the guttering as it’s likely full of leaves after the windy weather we had on occasion during October to April. If you clear these out now, it means that you won’t end up with flooding from the gutters if we do get a heavy spring rainshower.

  1. If you have a chimney, take a look at that too.

While you’re checking out the roof, have a look at the chimney to see if the flashing around the vent pipes is ok. Also have a check for cracks and any other damage to the outside of the chimney. Like with the roof, if you deal with any damage while it’s still minor, it will have you a lot of hassle in the long run.

  1. Look at the external drainage of the property.

Autumn leaves and other debris falling can accumulate on outside drain grates, preventing water flowing through as it needs to. If it really gets blocked, it can mean a big pool of water where you don’t want one or even worse, damage to the exterior of the property.

  1. Do a little pruning.

Though a fantastic garden is not a pre-requisite of a successful property let, if you do have trees or shrubs outside the property, pruning them at this time of year will help them stay healthy as they start to grow again after the cold Winter months.

  1. Re-paint where necessary.

If there are painted windowsills where the paint is chipped or flaking off, it pays to re-do these to make sure that your property looks its best for the warmer weather and for any prospective new tenants.

We hope these Spring maintenance tips have been helpful and that you get some good weather to enjoy as you do these jobs!


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