Property Hazards to look out for as a Landlord

To gain a good rapport with people living in your properties, issues with your rental should be sorted out as soon as possible. Here are some possible building concerns that any landlord should look out for…


If a hazard is at immediate risk to a someone’s health, it is known as a Category 1 hazard. If a hazard is less serious it is categorised as a Category 2. Here are some of each to look out for…

Category 1 Hazards:

  1. Smoke alarms missing / not working
  2. CO detectors missing / not working
  3. Falls on stairs

Category 2 Hazards:

  1. Structural collapse
  2. Domestic hygiene

If any of these hazards arise in your property, you should aim to get them rectified as soon as possible. Any rental tenant has a right to living standards and any neglected issues that arise in an inspection will go down against you and you can be reprimanded.

For more information on property safety, follow the link on landlord responsibilities:


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