How to Keep Your Tenants Happy

It’s pretty important as a landlord that you keep your tenants happy. Having to find new tenants regularly is frustrating and more importantly, it’s not cheap!If you find great tenants then do what you can to keep them happy. With this in mind here are 6 tips to get you started.1. Address problems quicklyWhen the tenant contacts you with a problem be sure to respond quickly. Don’t ignore their calls hoping they will go away but be proactive. You don’t necessarily have to give them an immediate solution but make sure they know you are not ignoring them.2. Offer a tenancy renewal incentiveA month or two before their tenancy is up for renewal why not provide an incentive so they stay on? It could be new white goods or perhaps something you know they are in need of.The added bonus is when they do leave, you are adding value to the property so it really is a win-win.3. Don’t be a cheapskateThere are always times where you have to replace items in the house whether it be a new washing machine or a sofa. Tenants really do know when you cut corners so spending a little more on items shows their worth and saves you replacing them too often.4. Consider allowing petsIt’s a common concern that pets will destroy your property in one way shape or form. The thought of replacing carpets at the end of the tenancy is not something you want to consider.With most landlords putting a stop to pets of any sort your tenant might think twice about leaving if they know they will struggle to find a property for their little furry friend.5. Leave them a housewarming giftFirst impressions are important!A gift when the tenant first moves in really does start your relationship on the right foot. You don’t need to be too extravagant; a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates shows you care and for a small investment can go a long way.6. Send them a Christmas cardA card once a year (even on birthdays too if you wish) shows that they are not just an income to you but think of them more than when you just look at your bank statement. That is our 6 tips for you but we know there are many more. Do let us know of any you think work well that we have missed.

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