Great Places to Invest in Property

There are several hotspots to invest in property; places with unis, attractions and more, but here are 3 popular destinations to note…


  1. Birmingham

    Housing Europe’s youngest population, Birmingham and it’s five universities have helped gain a great graduate pool of young professionals, a great place to establish yourself.

    It has infrastructural plans on the way and a predicted population growth of 13.5%. Birmingham’s population is estimated to be 1.3 million by 2039.

  2. Manchester

    Manchester has the highest retention rate of graduates outside of London. Its enviable employment options make Manchester a very desirable place and mean that more rental properties are needed in the area. There are also a great number of educational facilities setting up in Salford and the surrounding areas so the city certainly embraces the people and market for buy-to-lets. Property prices have increased over 27% in the last 10 years.

  3. Liverpool

    Liverpool is another place recognised for its popularity with youths. It is no surprise that the former Capital of Culture is one of the strongest hotspots for investment in the UK today.

    Liverpool’s urban developments mean not only will the future hold increased connectivity for the city but also embarking plans to have 35,000 new homes by 2033, a great opportunity for any future investment.


Good luck with all your investment prospects.


Nick Fox started his property investment career 10 years ago and his portfolio has grown to one of the largest in the UK. Nick now mainly focuses on HMOs (houses in multiple occupation) and works to help others achieve property success too. Visit here to find out how he can help you.

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