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Here I am writing my weekly blog on a Virgin train to London, thinking about one of the biggest influences in my life,  the man who made this journey possible today. One of the greatest entrepreneur’s of our time, Sir Richard Branson.  What makes Richard Branson so successful? I personally have a few theories on this…  The ability to see a great opportunity and grab it with both hands, the shear guts to take that opportunity and run with it and, finally, to realise that all opportunities are not measured by money, but by personal growth.   Here is a guy who has had many Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 10.43.42business flops as he has had successes, but one constant thing is, he never gave up!  He always believed in himself.  There have been doubters and skeptics, there have been obstacles and barriers – But the attitude of ‘tell me the problem and I will show you the solution’ has made Richard Branson what he is today! Successful, wealthy and most importantly, a positive contributor to our society – Sadly the Virgin buffet cart sandwich was not!As previously mentioned, I am off to London today for a power meet with some of the biggest names in HMO Property Investing.  Ash Zuberi, Director of Easy Living Property and founder of ‘The Official HMO Property Group’; Steve Bolton of the leading and award winning franchise PPP (Platinum Property Partners), Nick Tadd & Vanessa Warwick experienced investors and founders of the most successful property forum, ‘Property Tribes’ and last, but no means least, Rupert Hunt of the greatest property HMO rental site,   The main purpose of our meet is to discuss HMO policy – Sorry, it’s all a bit cryptic at the moment, I  hope to fill you in in next weeks blogSome news in brief… We have just submitted quotes for our next building project – This will be a single let, again a bit ‘cloak and dagger’ as it’s at a very sensitive stage – More to follow.  We have now launched the website.  I love it and would like to thank the team involved in creating such a great look.  One bit I would like to highlight this week is the downloadable items in the shop.  Did you know that you can download valuable templates from as little as £4 – These templates could save you a huge amount of time constructing them yourself on excel – They range from financial spreadsheets to all important check lists.  It’s a no brainer – I know what I would rather do!This weekend I stayed and played in the most prestigious of golfing venues – The home of the Ryder Cup, Gleneagles. I played well and only lost 10 balls!! Gleneagles is a brutal course if you wander far from the fairway.  I don’t think Rory needs to worry about this future career just yetScreen Shot 2014-10-20 at 12.06.18Here’s wishing you a good week – Don’t forget all clocks fall back this weekend GMTYou can find us on FB and follow us on Twitter MO3X9041  Nick Fox (HMO Expert)   

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