7 Quick and Cost Effective Ways To Add Value To Your Property

Some simple steps without spending the earth can make a real difference on how much you can sell your property for. Instead of blowing your budget on getting the builders in, take a look at our 7 simple solutions to add value to your property.1. Improve the outsideFirst impressions count and that means the exterior of your property is important. By simply ensuring the outside of the property is appealing you stand a better chance of getting people through the door.The windows, drive, garden gutters and front door all count and make a difference. By simply painting the door, adding some pots and giving the front a fresh look can gain you more interest and a drive a higher price.2. Give the kitchen a faceliftThe kitchen is often a real focus within a property so ensuring it looks its best is important in ensuring you get maximum return.If you want to go as far as a new kitchen then on average this will add 4.6% to the value, but there are other options too. By adding new handles to the cupboards, replacing worn worktops or adding new equipment will all add to the appeal.A tired and worn kitchen will not help you get the best deal for your property, so do what you can to make it look its very best.3. Paint, paint, paintOne of the most simple and cost effective ways to add value is to simply paint. It’s not expensive and by giving the house a refresh it creates a clean and up to date feel. Aim for neutral colours with maybe the added element of some feature walls and this will really give the property a new feel.4. Don’t forget the gardenAn area that can often be underestimated in terms of the difference its makes to potential buyers is the garden. Do what you can to make it looks its best and it doesn’t need to cost you anything. Ensuring the grass and hedges are cut, no weeds lurking, some pretty hanging baskets and some colourful plants will all help the look.A tidy and well-presented garden really does make a difference.5. Make it shineA truly cost effective way to give your property the edge is to ensure it is cleaned from top to bottom. Whether you roll up your sleeves yourself or bring in contract cleaners for a day, ensure it gets a good once over.Also, don’t forget about the carpets. Again, for a reasonable cost you can bring in professionals to clean all the carpets ensuring the property is gleaming from top to bottom. When potential buyers walk into a clean and well-presented house there is far more chance of them taking the next steps.Make it shine!6. Let in the lightLight creates the illusion of space and who doesn’t want more space?Ensure the windows are clean, use brighter and energy efficient lightbulbs and you can even consider installing a skylight.When potential purchasers walk into a property filled with light they feel they are walking into a spacious and bright place to live or own.7. The devil is in the detailDon’t ignore the small jobs!In a rush to get the property on the market or sold its easy to ignore those little jobs that we think prospective buyers won’t notice. However, if there is a number of small jobs it’s easy for buyers to notice and be under the impression there is just too much to do.Don’t ignore the dripping tap, missing grout, starches, dents and the rest. Make a list of the small details and deal with them. If everything is taken care of then potential buyers can look forward to having nothing to do. These are our 7 tips, but we are aware there are many more. Feel free to leave us your comments on what we have missed. If you need help, advice on any property matters, do contact us today.Also, why not get a copy of HMO Property Success by Nick Fox for ONLY £9.99.  Nick clearly guides you through the steps to building an HMO portfolio. Buy it here. 

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