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Minimising the Risk of Professional Bad Tenants

Shockingly enough some criminals have now made it their profession to be bad tenants. These ‘professional bad tenants’ move from property to property leaving a trail of destruction and unpaid rent behind them. It seems incredulous that this practice can continue and that people can make a living from it but unfortunately these ‘professionals’ seem to be getting away with it. They are very knowledgeable in property law and are able to get away with not paying rent using acceptable legal reasons such as claiming that the property is in a bad condition when landlords attempt to evict them.

Even though these claims are found to be fictional the lengthy court process required to dismiss the claims leaves landlords out of pocket whilst the tenants remain in the property without paying rent. Asides from flaws in the legal system which landlords cannot rectify, what can you do to safeguard yourself from such criminal tenants?

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