The Top 10 Property Turn off’s – 10 Reasons Why People Won’t Rent Your Property

If you’ve had your property on the market with little success and you are struggling to know how to attract and keep tenants, then we have some ideas as to what the problem could be.

Here are ten reasons, many which you may not expect, that are sure fire turn offs to tenants and will be hindering you letting your property.

1. Poor Energy Rating

A poor EPC Rating can put off tenants as they will realise the cost this will add to their energy bills. Tenants want homes that are cheap to heat and run and the new energy efficiency laws brought in last year means that tenants now have the right to ask for reasonable energy efficient improvements.

2. Rude Landlord

Statistics show that almost 50% of people are put off a property by the demeanour of the vendor. If you as the landlord or the agent you use are rude, grumpy or negative then prospective tenants are likely to be turned off and look elsewhere for a property.

3. Bad Wifi

The internet is crucial to everyday life and many people rely on fast broadband for work, watching TV, gaming and social interaction. It is easy to check wifi speed and discovering your property has a slow connection is sure to put off some prospective tenants.

4. Noisy

If the property has noisy neighbours, or is close to a flight path, busy road or train track this could be a real turn off for many tenants. This type of noise is something that comes with the location of your property and there is little you can do other than provide as much sound proofing as possible with double glazed windows etc.

5. Untidy Garden

The exterior of any property leaves a lasting first impression and a messy outdoor space is proven to put off tenants. No matter how small the outdoor space is at the property, maximise it and show it off. Keep grass and hedges cut and consider painting any woodwork to make your rental property stand out from the rest.

6. No Phone Signal

Prospective tenants will check their phone whilst viewing and will soon realise if they have poor signal. This is a real turn off and could be one of the more hidden reasons behind the lack of interest in your property. You can purchase signal boosters to increase phone signal strength in your property for certain providers.

7. Cluttered Interior

In order to let your property, it needs to be decorated in neutral colours and immaculate in presentation. Overcrowding rooms with furniture, decorative items and clutter only makes the rooms seem smaller than they are and stops tenants imagining themselves living there. We run a brilliant course called ‘Dressing your HMO on a budget’ which is a great place to start if you are unsure how to decorate, furnish or renovate the property.

8. Poor Security

If your property doesn’t seem secure this will put off many tenants. Make sure any outdoor space is well enclosed and secure and install an alarm if possible to give tenants peace of mind about their safety. This will also help protect your property in the long run!

9. Pests and Pets

Signs of pets having previously been in the property such as animal hair that hasn’t been cleaned or the smell of dogs will put off tenants. Equally signs of pests are a big deterrent. You must thoroughly clean and decontaminate the property, calling in a pest exterminator if necessary in order to let it out successfully.

10. Overpriced

The final tip today is to get the price right. If you put your property on the market at too high a price tenants won’t even view it. You need to get an idea on pricing from a few estate agents before you advertise, getting the price right is crucial to a fast let.


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